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Quality and Certifications

High quality coatings

Today, companies operate in a global and highly competitive market; as a result, their products safety and quality, are a  priority all over the world, as well as being important distinguishing features for any sector. Quality standards in addition to national and international regulations, help to ensure products safety, but this is not enough to communicate directly with costumer. For this reason STT Italia relies on an independent verification and certification system.

TUV Certification

ISO 9001 quality by TUV certification

The TÜV institute has certified STT’s quality system as being compliant with ISO standard 9001:2008. STT also constantly works to improve its service and products, allowing it to maintain a high customer satisfaction level.

Know how

ISO certification is a guarantee of high quality, moreover STT puts in place excellent references and qualifications due to a considerable know how (resulting from years of experience in the surface coatings sector) which provide a wide range of special formulations for each industrial and applicative environment. STT is really an ideal partner for any subject.

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