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Advanced-technology surface FEP, PTFE e PFA coatings

  STT Surface Treatment Technology is specializes in the application of fluoropolymers on metals. These special coatings make it possible to give the products particular performance characteristics.

Fast and tailor made service

High level of technological knowledge, backed by solid experience get to quality, functionality and reliability. Our solutions are researched and developed “to order” and are tailored to real customer demands, together with great flexibility in production, for both large and small quantities.

Quality and Certifications

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The TÜV institute has certified STT’s quality system as being compliant with ISO standard 9001:2015, and the superior quality produced by STT’s activity manifests itself in numerous aspects.

Better performances

Surfaces coated with STT products present a wide range of advantages, particularly in those sectors in which sticking and surface friction of raw materials must be avoided:
– increasing of slide-ability
– reduction of friction coefficient
– easy cleaning and detachment
– prevention of corrosion

Sliding and release, non-stick, anti-friction and dry lubrication: for all these requirements, STT offers cutting-edge solutions, maximising the quality of each production process with innovation and experience.

Ability to identify the solution (the most suitable treatment) for each individual requirement, taking into account the specific operating conditions;

Quality obtained through maximum attention to detail and careful and precise execution of each individual step of the production process;

Automation processes that make use of an innovative line of 6-axle robots for painting that ensure great precision, reduced delivery times and reduced costs.

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