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STT Surface Treatment Technology

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STT – Surface Treatment Technology was created from twenty radical years of experience in fluoropolymer-based, special coatings technology, able to imbue surfaces with particular characteristics.
Ultimately, these are the pivotal principles upon which this particular technology is based; a technology that allows us both to raise the performance of mechanical components and to satisfy specific production demands in the most varied industrial environments.

STT’s activity is aimed at industrial sectors that require solutions of a very high quality level for surface coatings. The fields of application can be very wide-ranging, including: equipment for the packaging sector, for foodstuffs processing, for the petrochemical industry and for the production of rubber, plastic and various other materials.
The high degree of technological skill, together with several years of experience in the sector, gives way to detailed knowledge of the characteristics and behaviour of each covering. At the same time, a significant ability to understand the specific requirements of each individual customer is developed. All of this materialises in the ability to identify the perfect solution for the purpose in a short time, ensuring precision in the details, superior quality and keeping costs low.