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When STT technology is needed?

The numerous advantages offered, both in terms of quality and reliability (in reduced production times and cleaning operations with a consequent increase in productivity) mean that STT surface coating can be used in various fields of application.

In fact, the industrial sectors that can benefit from the sliding and release, non-stick, anti-friction and dry lubrication characteristics offered by STT products are widespread.

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Foodstuff processing

Various parts of machinery used to process foodstuffs can be coated with STT products, increasing the levels of productivity, reliability, safety and hygiene in production processes. Coated surfaces of machinery used to process pasta, cheeses and other foodstuffs offer the necessary non-stick and sliding and release characteristics able to increase productivity and reduce cleaning and maintenance times.

Thermo-hydro-sanitary industry

Among the fields of application of STT coatings, the treatment of various thermo-hydro-sanitary products also comes into play. For these products, it is possible to reduce the effects of friction and non-stick caused by the formation of limescale.

Wood processing

The non-stick coating of the surfaces of various parts of machinery and equipment allows the wood processing sector to enjoy increased productivity, a significant lowering of production costs and a reduction in maintenance and cleaning times.

Fabric processing

STT products guarantee the following characteristics in the surfaces of equipment and systems for the fabric processing sector and non-woven textile fabrics, in particular dye kettles, conveyors, etc.: a maximum level of non-stick, easy sliding of processed products, extreme ease of cleaning production residues and resistance to the corrosive action of chemical products.

Plastic materials

Non-stick and slide-ability are fundamental in a delicate sector such as plastic processing. STT products have shown that they are ideal for internal coatings of tanks, containers, presses and other equipment, even on a large scale. Coated surfaces are easy to clean, allow for shorter maintenance times and make the working environment more hygienic and safe, elimination or drastically reducing the use of chemical release agents.


The automotive industry is able to benefit from the advantages offered by STT coatings in various environments. In particular, this includes a reduction of friction in mechanical elements and coating of bodywork parts to a fine aesthetic.


STT products are used to coat presses and equipment for rubber processing, ensuring a high level of non-stick and slide-ability. This allows for a significant reduction in the time required for maintenance, ease of press cleaning and reduces production waste.

Graphics industry

STT coatings offer advantageous solutions for maintaining pressing systems, also allowing production costs to be significantly lowered and, at the same time, increasing the pace of work due to reduced machine stopping.


A diverse range of coatings has been designed specifically for the mechanics sector. In the field, dry lubrication and anti-friction characteristics are highly important, particularly for items such as rings, bushing, bolts, chains, rods, screws, etc. but also for more complex components such as transmission components, pistons, gears, connecting rods, cams, pumps and valves, various sliding mechanisms and parts of machine tools.


A great deal of machinery and equipment used in the packaging sector draw advantages from the sliding and release properties of STT products. These include conveyors and packaging and boxing machines.

Industrial paintings

STT coatings make painting operations more efficient. This is due to a surface with a higher degree of slide-ability and easier cleaning, consequently reducing production times and increasing productivity.


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