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Advanced-technology surface coatings

When a high level of technological knowledge is backed by solid experience, the result can only be directed towards quality, functionality and reliability.These are the prerequisites that STT bases its operations on, evidenced by the vast and varied range of advanced-technology surface coatings that the company offers. STT puts in place considerable know how (resulting from years of experience in the surface coatings sector) to provide a wide range of special formulations for each industrial and applicative environment. These formulations are researched and developed "to order" and are tailored to real customer demands, together with great flexibility in production, for both large and small quantities.

STT's service includes production of non-stick coatings, PTFE ( polytetrafluoroethylene) coatings, anti-friction coatings, anti-corrosion treatments, dry lubrication, surface treatments for aluminium and other metals, anti-friction treatments and other solutions for each individual case.








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