Nsk line (NonSticK coatings)

  • NSK 22
  • NSK 362
  • NSK 442
  • NSK 443
  • NSK 445
  • NSK 541
  • NSK 732
  • NSK 734
  • NSK 736
  • NSK 737
  • NSK 822
  • NSK 825
  • NSK 828
  • NSK 932
  • NSK 933
  • NSK 935
  • NSK 939
  • NSK 942
  • NSK 945
  • NSK 953
  • NSK 955
  • NSK 965
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Nsk line (NonSticK coatings)

The Nsk (NonSticK coatings) series includes a vast range of coatings that have been specifically studied and formulated to prevent sticking of products that, due to their nature, tend to attach and stick to surfaces.

The most classic example that everybody knows about is the non-stick frying pan that allows you to cook up a nice omelette without it attaching itself and becoming ruined by sticking to the surface of the pan.

The same result can be achieved in the industrial field, for example to prevent food products such as fresh pasta, oven products, cheeses, flour etc. from sticking, or to reduce sticking of paints, inks, adhesives, rubber, plastic and much more besides.

The advantages that this produces are easier cleaning of coated surfaces, greater productivity, minimal production waste and a greater quantity of finished product.

The range of Nsk coatings is mainly comprised of fluoropolymers including: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) and PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) which, in turn combined with other resins, allows us to obtain an infinite variety of products, each of which is able to bring out its particular characteristic for each specific use.

STT’s thorough knowledge of each individual coating, according to the operating conditions of the component to be coated, allows it to select the most suitable coating from its own product range to meet the demands of the customer or, if necessary, to develop new, tailor-made formulations.

Most Nsk coatings are available with FDA approval for contact with foodstuffs.

  • NSK 22 Product sheet
  • NSK 362 Product sheet
  • NSK 442 Product sheet
  • NSK 443 Product sheet
  • NSK 445 Product sheet
  • NSK 541 Product sheet
  • NSK 732 Product sheet
  • NSK 734 Product sheet
  • NSK 736 Product sheet
  • NSK 737 Product sheet
  • NSK 822 Product sheet
  • NSK 825 Product sheet
  • NSK 828 Product sheet
  • NSK 932 Product sheet
  • NSK 933 Product sheet
  • NSK 935 Product sheet
  • NSK 939 Product sheet
  • NSK 942 Product sheet
  • NSK 945 Product sheet
  • NSK 953 Product sheet
  • NSK 955 Product sheet
  • NSK 965 Product sheet