SdR line (Sliding & Release coatings)

Linea SDR
  • SDR 985
  • SDR 552
  • SDR 556
  • SDR 573
  • SDR 653
  • SDR 873
  • SDR 995
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SdR line (Sliding & Release coatings)

The SdR (Sliding&Release coatings) range includes a range of coatings characterised by both the very low friction coefficient and the anti-stick property.

Through the careful and specific combination of these characteristics, it has been possible to create a range of coatings that give the product maximum slide-ability on contact with the treated surface.

Wherever there is a need to make a product slide as much as possible, whether this product is plastic material, fabrics, packaging or foodstuffs, SdR coatings are able to bring notable advantages to production cycles, both in terms of quality and productivity.

SdR coatings are mainly made from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFA (perfluoroalkoxy)-based fluoropolymers,

In terms of characteristics, all of these fluoropolymers have a low friction coefficient and high non-stick properties. Combined with other resins, they allow us to offer a very wide range of "ad hoc" coatings, each of which can be used according to the specific uses required.

Most SdR coatings are available with FDA approval for contact with foodstuffs.

  • SDR 985 Product sheet
  • SDR 552 Product sheet
  • SDR 556 Product sheet
  • SDR 573 Product sheet
  • SDR 653 Product sheet
  • SDR 873 Product sheet
  • SDR 995 Product sheet