It is essential to assist the customer from the first contact to the after-sales service.

The assistance service offered by STT is activated in every phase of the relationship with the customer, from the first initial contact to the post-sales phase, to offer customers the maximum technical support and the widest availability in terms of information.
STT studies every specific case in detail, identifying the right strategy to be followed in any different situation. In addition to this there is a very careful test phase to guarantee the highest quality, functionality and reliability of each surface treated.
STT is also ready to intervene promptly in any event in which the results do not conform to expectations.
Last but not least, there is also a highly competent consultancy that is also set up through the offer of valuable advice on how optimize in the best way each surface coating in terms of performance and longevity.
Is it possible to apply coatings on any type of material?

Yes, it is generally possible to apply coatings on all metals.

Is it possible to apply coatings on plastic or rubber?

Yes, there are specific coatings for these materials.

What thickness does the coating have?

The thickness varies according to the type of coating, normally it is just a few microns.

Are thermal steps planned during the application phase?

Normally, depending on the coating and the characteristics of the parts, there are considerable variations in times and temperatures. For example, mechanical parts normally do not undergo high temperature passages.

How can the coating be removed from a particular already treated to restore it?

The coating can be removed mechanically.

Is it possible to apply the coating only in some areas?

Yes, most coatings can be applied even in some areas. It is advisable to evaluate each specific case in the definition phase, to consider any variations in costs based on the necessary masks.

What are the standard delivery times?

Normally the standard delivery times are 6 working days.

Is it possible to have fast deliveries?

Yes, depending on the quantities, the type of details, the coating and the urgency you can request fast services with delivery times of 2 or 3 working days. There are no additional costs.

Are coatings approved for food contact?

Yes, most coatings are FDA approved for food contact.

Is it possible to have a coating sample?

Yes, on request it is possible to receive plates treated with the chosen coating.

Is it possible to have a sampling?

Yes, if necessary there is the possibility of making samples.

Are there couriers with whom you are affiliated?

Yes, we are affiliated with DHL. For particularly delicate or urgent transport there is the possibility of using other trusted carriers.