The Coating Process

The PTFE, PFA and FEP coating process involves a first stage of preparation of the metal substrate. It starts with the removal of the impurities present in the component, generated for example by machining processes. Based on the type of product, it is identified the most appropriate surface cleaning process. This phase is of fundamental importance for the realization of a high quality coating.

The subsequent sandblasting phase involves the use of specific abrasives that slightly modify the roughness of the metal substrate to ensure the best possible adhesion of the coating to the component. This part of the process also allows further cleaning of the affected surface.



The most critical phase of the PTFE, PFA and FEP coating process is the application of fluoropolymers on the component through manual or automated spraying. The different types of fluoropolymers used, applied exclusively by expert operators, create a film of reduced thickness. Thanks to the different types of treatment, it is possible to obtain surfaces characterized by non-stick, sliding properties, resistance to oxidation and aggression by chemical agents. Depending on the type of fluoropolymer applied, the coating can be composed of a single layer or of a several layer.


Following the application of the coating, the polymerization take place in the oven. This step consists of a thermal cycle at specific temperatures, which allows the coating to take the desired characteristics. During this phase, the creation of the polymeric film take place. The molecules of the fluoropolymers, thanks to the temperatures reached, melt together and generate the polymer chains that form the coating.

Attention to detail is essential during the entire PTFE, PFA and FEP coating process; a small impurity may be enough to compromise the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of the coating. For this reason, the coating process is monitored in every single phase, with particular attention to final quality control. Thanks to this attention to detail, we are able to guarantee our costumer an excellent level of quality of the finished product.

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