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STT Surface Treatment Technology

STT – Surface treatment technology comes from an ultra-experience in PTFE, PFA and FEP (special fluoropolymer) materials and surfaces for industrial use, giving them particular performance characteristics such as non-stick, corrosion resistance and smoothness.
In fact, these are the key principles which this particular technology is based on, which allows to increase the performance of mechanical components and to meet specific production needs, in the most varied industrial sectors.
The PTFE, PFA and FEP materials treatment, implemented by STT Italia, is used in all those sectors where the highest quality solutions for surface coating are required (See Sectors of Use).
The high technological competence, combined with many years of experience in the field, allows a detailed knowledge of the characteristics and behavior of each coating.
Whether you feel like PTFE, PFA and FEP we can offer a remarkable ability to understand the specific needs of each individual customer.
All this results in the ability to quickly identify the most suitable solution, ensuring precision in details, high quality and reduced costs for a quick and customized service.

Quality and Certifications

01Verification system

Nowadays companies are a global and competitive economic area. Definitely, the safety and quality of their products have become a priority all over the world, as well as representing important distinctive elements for any sector. Quality standards and national and international regulations help to ensure safety. Despite this, more visible signals are needed to communicate directly with consumers. For this reason STT Italia relies on an independent verification and certification system.

02Know how

ISO certification is a guarantee of optimal quality, but STT's ten-year know-how guarantees the excellent references and qualifications that the company can boast.
The ability to meet all needs in a personalized way, and the high quality of the proposed non-stick coatings, rmake STT an ideal partner for any subject.

03ISO 9001 quality system

TÜV is a certification body that offers services in the international field, concerning quality, energy, environment, safety and product. STT Italia has chosen this certification body to demonstrate the company's ability to adhere to the ISO 9001-2015 quality system regulations, to provide a high-end end product
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